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My good friend Ritvik Balgi recently helped organize an event called Biker’s Night Out, full of bikes (duh), games and camping. I however was more interested in the forks he made for the event, rather than the event itself.

These nifty little creations are surely any self-respecting biker’s dream cutlery. Using gear-shifts which I am told is the most important part of a bike, the decidedly wacky lad soldered on cutlery to them before adding a finishing to the piece. That’s right, every single piece was made by hand to be used by a handful of people and for one night only.
I think I can be forgiven for letting the flies into my mouth because this level of dedication to an event baffled me, but I was in for another surprise when he revealed he’d been doing such upcycling projects with a number of different bike parts and giving them away to friends.


“I don’t do them much now, since I don’t have the time between my studies and work.” he clarifies hurriedly upon catching the Freebie-Glint in my eye, “But I had done a lot earlier, a table made of rims, coffee tables from tyres… they were all gifts for biker friends.” he continues, invoking in me a sudden desire to join the biking world.

But that can wait. For now I’m happy with a souveneir of the Biker’s Night Out event and a new bauble to impress unsuspecting visitors with. A statement that doesn’t impress Balgi as he tries to convince me to try upcycling. According to him anything is possible, with some junked parts from the local mechanic, an imagination and a soldering iron. Even for a upcycling and biking neophyte like me.

We part ways with his last piece of advice for new upcyclers like me, “Choose elements that soothe your soul and plunge in.”


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