Golden Eyes with Red Smile

Fashion, Make-up

After what seems like an age I got in the mood to pull out my humble make-up stash and try doing something different.

People keep harping on about keeping the eyes minimal if you’re going bombastic red with your lips, but I disagree. According to me, if you play it right you can have full red lips and an attractive eye look together without looking like a showgirl or a wannabe-showgirl.

IMG_20150525_005650 IMG_20150525_010228 IMG_20150525_010327

I used a gold liquid liner from Lakme with Colossal Mascara from Maybelline on the upper lids to create a bold outline and just a couple of layers of mascara to highlight the lashes.
I left the lower lids alone apart from a dab of mascara and a faint line with the Colossal Kajal from Maybelline in black.

Now we come to the lips. I have to admit I have a weakness for deep red lips, I can hardly ever resist having them myself or developing a girl crush on whoever does.
To create this super-shine look I layered a deep red from Coloressence over a colourless lip balm from Nivea and finished with a L’Oréal lip gloss.

As you can see the gold liner does a hidden-jewel act wherein it peeks out occasionally but not in a very obtrusive way thanks to the mascara and lack of other colours. The lip colour which goes excellently with my complexion remains the highlight of the look, which can be used for a casual-formal party or day-outing (tone down the gloss in that scenario).

But my favourite use for it is reserved for date nights, the only time I hope that my lipstick does get smudged.


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