Last Minute Jazz


What do you do when you’re waiting around for a download to happen, or a report to come or when you’re just avoiding the office-time transport rush? In my case I usually fidget, I love people who fidget, it shows their need to do something constantly! That’s perfectly me actually.

Today while waiting for some creative inspiration I ended up doing a on-the-spot DIY necklace from some leftover string and pieces!

Here’s how –

  1. Gather up every random bead or button or shell or whatever you find.
  2. Also get colored strings or thread, even gota works pretty well!
  3. Unwind the string or gota if they’re too thick for the beads
  4. Haphazardly (or in a pattern if you’re OCD like that) put the various bead and things onto the thinner string. Make knots when you want to make sure two things stay apart.
  5. Take up a another piece of string, this one should be thicker and much longer(I know I know that’s what she said)
  6. Whenever possible thread them through the beads with the bigger holes but not all together! e.g. thread A goes through bead B but not bead A while thread B goes through bead A but not bead B
  7. Take hold of the two ends of all the strings (one ends in hand and the other ends in the other). Proceed to spin and tangle freely (OCDs can skip to the next part)
  8. Tie up the ends in a firm knot with a loop.
  9. Take two longish pieces of the thread again, attach one to one end of the neckpiece and the other to the other
  10. Ta-da! neck-piece finished! Use the single strands to tie it around your neck or head with a simple bow knot.
  11. Bonus! If you want you can also add beads to the end of the knotting strings to make your back as impressive as the front!


Do let me know how it went and if you need any help!

Thanks to Bee ( for the fabulous string!


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