Truly Madly Maybe


So at the urging of S ( who treats me like a over-sized guinea pig for social experiments, I tried out two different online dating apps that have popped up on the Indian scene.

First was Woo, admittedly the cutesy ad had me interested in trying it out but then disaster struck. The app, while to be commended for making sure their users don’t cheat (in the era of makes things much too difficult for the users. Woo has a stringent filter that doesn’t allow you to access the app and its (supposedly) forbidden fruits if your relationship status is not ‘single’ on Facebook.
However, it forgot to account for cracks like me, who have been engaged to their college bestie since freshman year in a platonic-nobody-gets-me-except-for-you way. Also, I’m listed as a ‘partner’ for another college bud in the same manner. Naturally I was denied entry but I was determined and still under the spell of the cutesy ad (kudos to the agency). I regretfully broke off my platonic Facebook relations and tried to sign in again. No such luck, Woo now cheerfully declares that there is a problem with my Facebook account and advises me to write to them to solve it. This infuriating message, was the straw that broke the camel’s back, I promptly gave it a SHOUTY CAPITALS review on Play and hit uninstall.

I headed over to Truly Madly with a once bitten twice shy attitude and wondered if I shouldn’t have just stuck to Tinder after all. Happily, Truly Madly disabused me of any such notions and proceeded to make me one extremely happy online dater by asking for my height.

Diverging a bit, but do any of you know the agony of being 5’10 and a woman in India? Most online suggested dates either can’t measure height or assume that I can’t. Let me tell you, it’s NOT fun talking to the top of someone’s head just because you decided to wear your killer heels.

Going back to the topic, I liked the app’s consideration of this matter because while I’m all for dating a shorter guy, the Indian male doesn’t have the same gregarious view. I also liked the simple selection of hashtags for describing yourself and giving matches based on these tags. The practice of picking up interests/photos from Facebook is par for the course and to be expected.
Moving onto the ‘matches’ based on whatever algorithm they have, they have a neat practice of not revealing names and telling about their work and interests instead. The names are revealed after you match with them, which is also the point where you can message, emoji-talk and play an absolutely adorable quiz game with your matches.

On the quiz, I think this is the stellar feature of Truly Madly as it gives you an opportunity to continue interacting even if you hit the awkward pause. For a number of my friends, (Z I’m looking at you) this feature alone would be a great incentive to switch to this app.

As for the men on the app… you’ll have to wait till I play around a bit more with it and decide if the Creep Factor is Tinder High or not.

What was your worst app-dating experience?


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