An Open Letter for Freezing Workspaces


Dear Employers,

We understand that you want to keep us comfortable and happy. We appreciate that, truly! But when did ‘comfortable and happy’ start to mean freezing and shivering? This is not an isolated phenomenon, that I speak of. Throughout the length and breath of the country, from Delhi to Kanyakumari, we have work-spaces that suffer from over-enthusiastic air conditioning.
Why do you do this to us? Make us put away our summer dresses and disguise our outfits under jackets, hoodies and shawls? Why do you force our bodies to experience different temperatures every-time we step out? Why do you want us to sniffle through 300 days of the year? Is this a form of sadistic payback for the jokes we make on you?
Whatever it may be, it needs to stop! Do you realize the amount of money you lose over electricity by doing this? Science has shown that you stand to save a substantial amount, if only you’d turn the temperature up! The environment would thank you for the gesture as well.
The computers you claim, need to be cooled but these are top-of-the-range Macs, Dells and HPs! Have you struck a deal to remove the basic safety measure of the modern computers and laptops in exchange for a discount?
You claim that there are more people who like to have the air-conditioning turned up so high but then you shy away from taking an office vote. Why? Are these people employed only in your own imagination?
We ask you to block some vents to make life easier for us, to stop our fingers from turning blue in May. You say that it’s not ‘feasible’ and not ‘viable’ even though it’d take nothing more than some cardboard and duct tape.
Why tell us to keep our woolens out, all year around, instead of just turning down the knob?

This is more than we can stand. We contribute to your bottom-line too, we make the effort to stay back through convulsing coughs while your warm blooded favorites, walk out the door at a sneeze. If there is equality in pay, ascension and treatment, why is there this equality in consideration?

We demand equality, in temperature, in air conditioning, in all aspects of interior climate control. We will not rest, we will not stop switching off the air-conditioner no matter how many times you scream. We’re here to stay, embracing our freedom from winter-wear.


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