Yoga Bar Review


The most atrocious piece of gooey junk to enter my mouth. I normally love granolas and healthy snack bars but this is torture not health. The best part is, the torture is not even worth it as it has 146 calories and 25.3gms of carbs!
You know what else has 146 calories? 1/2 cup of chocolate ice-cream!

With a dietary fiber of 3.9gms and protein of 4.4gms they’re not helping people reach their daily nutritional requirements either. I’d also like to add that it has no other nutritional benefit whatsoever. The highest concentration is of carbs and sugars (approx 10%) if your daily nutrition deficiency is sugar, I’d still suggest the chocolate ice-cream. Much tasty no eww.


2 thoughts on “Yoga Bar Review

  1. Hey – we started Yogabars as we wanted people to snack better and have better options to eat. Our ingredients are Oats, Dates, Amaranth, Almonds, Flax seeds, Honey, Chia seeds and nothing else (No Hydrogenated shit, no artificials and no flavours) – we worked with over 500 trials to make this product…………we are happy for you to call us and understand the benefit of the ingredients and quiz us for hours. But comparing us to junk food based on a limited interpretation of a food label is probably not the best approach. I urge you to read the ingredients on the food label on an icecream or chocolate bar as well. Happy to discuss over a call – our customer helpline is 9740922228,


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