Exploring Erotica with Anne Rainey


I was an early convert to erotica from porn or imagination for those lonely masturbatory nights but I never really considered them to be ‘fun’ reading options as well.
Most books, haphazardly downloaded from illegal sites, rarely weave a story or background around the sex, it’s in a way mellow porn (let’s not talk about the fetish books) with the characters being hopelessly one-dimensional and getting straight down to business and then off. Alternatively you had the historical romances or the mills & boons which wove too much of a story! Its very nice to know the back-story but not when the entire book is the back-story with a couple of sex scenes (very very censored/implied) thrown in.

However that perception changed when I stumbled upon Anne Rainey, I have now been a faithful fan for quite a few years and her style keeps getting better and better. Here are six reasons I consider her to be one of the best erotica writers around-

  1. She doesn’t do allusions, no ‘down there’ ‘filled my soul’ crap, its a cock and a vagina and they’re pounding in all their glory.
  2. The women are strong, they have personality and character, rather than being limp nymphos.
  3. Her stories are short, sweet and complete, no rambling on for no good reason but as short as a virgin boy’s first lay.
  4. The sex described is fluid and good, I mean really good. The woman must have the best husband in the world.
  5. The men are shown to respect women, they might tie them up or rough them around but only with explicit permission.
  6. A lot of her books are loosely connected series like the Blackwater series (a personal favourite), Vaughn series etc. So there’s a sense of continuity without cliffhangers!

Now for the most awesome part, her books are now available for purchase online at amazon.in! Back when I first started, erotica was a taboo thing that no bookshop or online portal would even think of stocking but now its easily and cheaply available for everyone to enjoy! Click here to head straight to Anne Rainey at amazon.in

Write to Anne: anne@annerainey.com

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