Off With The White!

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Sincerely, I don’t think anything is going to change. No matter how much everyone goes on about fairness not being the measure of beauty and heckling to remove words like ‘white’ and ‘fair’ from the dictionary of beauty products,  no one actually gives a flying fuck. We have bloggers who wear a lighter shade of foundation than their skin tone, people who work editing apps to make their selfies look “brighter” and of course the commoners who embrace anglophilia faster than a fascist PM.

I guess it was inevitable that one of my favourite brands and celebrities also had to sink so low. 
Fuck you Maybelline. I loved you for being a brand that was fun and young, for being one of the few brands that didn’t focus on white or fair. But seriously Alia too?! All of Alia Bhatt’s previous achievements at being young and NORMAL went out the fucking window when she made this ad. She is fair and pretty, so is she saying she considers a majority of her fans to be ugly because they don’t have her skin tone? That’s just wack

See the ad yourself here:


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