The Most Exciting Book Sale Ever

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If any of you bibliophiles are hanging about in Mumbai, India on Saturday; you should check this out!

It’s a book sale, where the different titles will be sold by the kilo! Books by weight! Have you heard of a more beautiful concept? While it may seem slightly barbaric and crass, its really a huge blessing.
Think back and you’ll realize the number of times you’ve had to regretfully let go of titles and restrain yourself from buying those impulse books. Why? All because of the high prices on the covers, the farce of discounts and of course the parity of the new releases vs the older stock.

Does the BooksByWeight Sale still seem wrong to you? Didn’t think so.

Tomorrow – 5th March 2016 

Sunderbhai Hall, Opposite Wankhede Stadium and near Churchgate Station 

Starting from Rs.100

Also if you dare to compare e-books and real books I will cheerfully murder you and then make a bookshelf using your bones!



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