… I Give You Bubbles!


Something that other fashion stores should take inspiration from!

Leaf Turner Tales

A few months back, my sister and I were walking back home when we noticed a little puppy, an Indian streetie, tied to the porch banister of Louis Philippe showroom. Being the self-assigned Samaritans of animals that we are, both of us ran up the stairs leading to the store. While I crouched in front of the little baby to say hello, my sister barged into the store demanding an explanation to the puppy. I saw her being flanked by the store attendants while she questioned them. At that moment the puppy who was about 4 months old, began jumping with joy on me. I noticed that she had a nice blue collar on her and the leash ( metal one) was quite long, giving her enough room to move about.

I was squeezing and cuddling her, when my sister came out all smiles. “That’s Bubbles,” she says, pointing at the puppy and began…

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