Itchy down there? 4 Reasons That’s Happening and Solutions



As I sit here writing this, droplets of sweat are racing against each other on my back. They are headed towards my ass and many more are at the starting line. So what we know for sure is that it is hot AF. That being said, what about the itchiness right? Well, here’s what you need to know.

First off, you could be itchy because there’s an infection. But if you don’t have one ( you only know you don’t have one if you’ve got it checked by your gyno) , then there are plenty of other reasons you are itchy down there and I put a list down for you. And because I am really nice, I have also offered workable solutions- or atleast the ones that worked for me.

  1. It’s hot out there


Look, it’s still sweltering out there and that could be a reason you are super…

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