The Rosary Murders – Book Review

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I have an unabated love for old-school murder mysteries, you know the ones before ‘technology’ born, when it was just all a puzzle without an end. Those were the good ol days and The Rosary Murders by William X. Kienzle fits right into that category.

The book is not refined or terribly complex, it simply is engrossing enough with enough questions to keep you hooked. In this manner, it’s definitely the most perfect Summer Read, where the book is good for whiling away the time but is mediocre enough to be abandoned for a swim.

The mystery starts with a series of murders where the murderer leaves a calling card of a simple rosary in his victim’s hands. It stars a methodical and honest cop, a cynical yet devoted father and the rare brand of humans which were available only during the heyday of the 80s.

Bonus: It was also made into a film, rated 5.7/10 on IMDb

Giving this a 2.5/5 stars for its good character portrayals and mystery quotient.


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