The Problem With Librans 

Life, Stories

​That’s the issue with Librans. We give our hearts up too easily and thus they end up chipping too quickly. I’m not saying heartbroken because these everyday and minor heartaches don’t match up to the ultimate heartbreak. However that does not mean they’re not keenly felt or that they do not leave invisible marks on us. 

We’re too optimistic, too hopeful, too romantic; thinking that this one would be our match. That this one would bring us into balance, even if all the signs are there warning us off. 

So what can we do? We can either believe that love is dead and rebuff all attempts to show us otherwise or we can feviquik the chips, sandpaper the edges and use this as lesson, hatd learnt, and look forward to finding our balance-keeper. 

Once it stops hurting that is. 


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