Tradition with a Twist

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Palak Parikh, an upcoming designer is this week’s fashion crush thanks to her gorgeous interpretations of Lucknowi embroidery. Usually I’m not the one to go ga-ga over embroidery but Palak has taken the best of the traditional Lucknowi style and mixed it up with raised floral designs.

Would you believe this is her first collection? Collection-wise the range is amazing, encompassing saris, pants, dresses, lehengas… phew… you get the idea!

Here are some of my favorite looks, which incidentally will flatter a full-figured lady 😉 –


A mermaid gown with a delicate net over-layer to draw attention away from the thighs or stomach


Kimono style sleeved jacket in panels for busty ones with a full pleated lehenga


Spaghetti strapped flared dress for an easy-breezy look


A cropped off-shoulder top to accentuate curves with high-waist flared pants


Featured image: Waterfall sleeved Lucknowi dress 


Contact Palak Parikh –



Shoe Lust



These lipstick inspired heels are the bomb!

Fashion Profile: Diana Vreeland

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Diana Vreeland, was a ballet dancer, a socialite and a known friend of Coco Chanel, all before she even began to work for Harper’s Bazaar. Her professional writing career began with the magazine in 1936 where she reigned over the column “Why Don’t You?” and provided tips like – washing a blonde baby’s head in dead champagne. She was hired for the job thanks to her impeccable dressing- the editor Carmel Snow, saw her in a dance club and phoned her the next day to hire her. She was wearing a white Chanel dress, a bolero and roses in her hair.
Sadly, with the retirement of Carmel Snow came the spurious snub, Vreeland, the senior-most editor with most experience was passed over in favour of Snow’s niece. But not before Vreeland managed to discovered Lauren Bacall at a charity blood donation drive.

From here she went onto Vogue as the Editor-In-Chief and erupted onto the pages in an orgy of unabashedly hedonistic fashion. This was perfect, as it was the 60’s and the world was a fantasy sphere with twinkling trippy lights. Her talent for ‘discovering’ remained as astute as ever with Veruschka, Tree, Twiggy, Anjelica Huston, Marisa Berenson, Edie Sedgwick joining Bacall’s ranks.  Vreeland’s tastes ran in the extremes but she was always unbelievably accurate with her predictions, the part from The Devil Wears Prada, where they say Miranda Priestly decided success or banishment? That was a lift directly from Vreeland.
However, with the waning of the decade, the period of Diana Vreeland came to an end as well. The practical, feminism of the 70’s was everything that Diana could not, would not, comprehend. Vogue understood this and knew that Vreeland never would, so they fired her.

In a tale reminiscent of a phoenix rising from the ashes, Vreeland didn’t end up as a broken woman in a cramped apartment. She became the Costume Consultant to the Met and mounted a staggering 14 exhibitions in 14 years. Starting from Balenciaga in 1973 she transformed the image of Costume Institute from the historical archive into the fashion treasure box it is now. Her on-point fashion sense mixed with her garrulous theatricality made her the perfect foil for the, then sliding, Costume Institute. She is universally credited with making the Institute a costume and couture donation hot-spot, with movies, plays and individuals making it a point to donate outrageous outfits as soon as they were off the set or the red carpet.

She eventually retired from the Met and took over the New York social scene as effortlessly as she had in 30’s and became a point of reference for all future fashion editors to follow. Her death, in 1989 was less of a tragedy and more of a winding down of the show. She was surrounded and loved by her family, friends and mourned by the countless girls feverishly painting their nails red to knock on Vogue’s doors.



Even during Christmas it’s not winter!

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Celebrating Christmas Eve in office was a fun scene, considering everyone was in shorts and tank tops! What I wore to keep some semblance of festivity is a midnight-blue full skirt with a simple black tucked-in tank top. I added the brown belt to control the tummy and tie the look together with a beaded cuff and earrings as the only accessories. The bra you see peeking out is a lovely blood-red colour one from Triumph.

Its not winter

Off With The White!

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Sincerely, I don’t think anything is going to change. No matter how much everyone goes on about fairness not being the measure of beauty and heckling to remove words like ‘white’ and ‘fair’ from the dictionary of beauty products,  no one actually gives a flying fuck. We have bloggers who wear a lighter shade of foundation than their skin tone, people who work editing apps to make their selfies look “brighter” and of course the commoners who embrace anglophilia faster than a fascist PM.

I guess it was inevitable that one of my favourite brands and celebrities also had to sink so low. 
Fuck you Maybelline. I loved you for being a brand that was fun and young, for being one of the few brands that didn’t focus on white or fair. But seriously Alia too?! All of Alia Bhatt’s previous achievements at being young and NORMAL went out the fucking window when she made this ad. She is fair and pretty, so is she saying she considers a majority of her fans to be ugly because they don’t have her skin tone? That’s just wack

See the ad yourself here:

Wearing Kurtas Without Pants


It’s not October but the heat is relentless! đŸ”„
My advice to all of you: Ditch the damn leggings if your kurta doesn’t have a slit and style it like a fusion dress instead with a sling bag like my one from Lavie!

You can do this in two ways-

1. The Tourist – pretend to be a firang tourist for a while and load yourself with kitschy jewellery paired with cute sneakers and sunglasses.
2. The Fusion – Keep it casual with a nonchalant air. Wear glamour flip-flops and minimal jewellery paired with a Boho sling.

For slit kurtas,  you can pair them with shorts and tuck/fold the front flap into the waistband to create an asymmetric look.


Last Minute Jazz


What do you do when you’re waiting around for a download to happen, or a report to come or when you’re just avoiding the office-time transport rush? In my case I usually fidget, I love people who fidget, it shows their need to do something constantly! That’s perfectly me actually.

Today while waiting for some creative inspiration I ended up doing a on-the-spot DIY necklace from some leftover string and pieces!

Here’s how –

  1. Gather up every random bead or button or shell or whatever you find.
  2. Also get colored strings or thread, even gota works pretty well!
  3. Unwind the string or gota if they’re too thick for the beads
  4. Haphazardly (or in a pattern if you’re OCD like that) put the various bead and things onto the thinner string. Make knots when you want to make sure two things stay apart.
  5. Take up a another piece of string, this one should be thicker and much longer(I know I know that’s what she said)
  6. Whenever possible thread them through the beads with the bigger holes but not all together! e.g. thread A goes through bead B but not bead A while thread B goes through bead A but not bead B
  7. Take hold of the two ends of all the strings (one ends in hand and the other ends in the other). Proceed to spin and tangle freely (OCDs can skip to the next part)
  8. Tie up the ends in a firm knot with a loop.
  9. Take two longish pieces of the thread again, attach one to one end of the neckpiece and the other to the other
  10. Ta-da! neck-piece finished! Use the single strands to tie it around your neck or head with a simple bow knot.
  11. Bonus! If you want you can also add beads to the end of the knotting strings to make your back as impressive as the front!


Do let me know how it went and if you need any help!

Thanks to Bee ( for the fabulous string!