Beers starting @Rs.10!

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They’re offering (on tap) Kingfisher at Rs.10, White Owl at Rs.20 and BIRA at Rs.25

If that didn’t make you scream OMG then obviously you’re not a beer drinker and clearly you shouldn’t be on my blog in the first place. (no, don’t go, I didn’t mean that)

Reise in Andheri East Mumbai, is hosting the Big Beer Festival where they are offering amazing beers at insane prices. However, there are some conditions involved.


Here’s what you need to know-
The offer is valid till 18th from 12.30pm to 8pm
You need to SMS beer to 9920250255/7875400854
Entry is allowed only for couples and females

Get together and head on over now!


NYE in Bandra without Bias!

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Cafe La Ruche, bang in the middle of Linking Road is hosting a NYE party which promises to bring in 2017 in a new style. It is one of the very few places that is not discriminating against stags, i.e. groups of guys or a guy. They’re opening their doors to single men, women and couples alike!


Keeping the beats thumping are DJs J-ya and Proof who’ll be playing an eclectic mix of commercial and Bollywood tracks to keep you in the dancing mood. Apart from the music and dance, the venue will also have a plethora of games and activities throughout the night to celebrate the new year’s arrival.

However the best thing about the party are the super affordable rates which include unlimited alcohol and food!!

Women per head: Rs 2000/-
Stags per head: Rs 2500/-
Couple entry: Rs. 4000/-

Doesn’t that sound amaze?

Contact La Ruche here for more details – +91 9967928881 / 022 26001944

The Best Burgers in Delhi as Recommended by Delhiites!

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It’s a list of mouth-watering food! We headed to the Capital to check out the best burger joints that have been recommended to us by friends, families and some sweet strangers.  We were so unprepared. The sheer number of burger places and varieties had us dehydrated due to excessive drooling, and that was only halfway through.

But being the superior beings we are (bhookads) we finished off everything and then managed to tear our hearts into pieces and pick the best ones in every patty-style.

Kicking off the list is a DIY Burger –

Fork You

Tucked away in the corner of Hauz Khas Village is this mecca for burgers, which was the most recommended place in our hunt! It’s major happy point seems to be the fact that it offers a Build-Your-Own-Burger form which has LITERALLY EVERYTHING on it. Throw in some amazing cocktails and quick service and you know why people are lining up!

Fork You, Hauz Khas Village Menu

“I love the fact that I can customize my burger to my specifications, as I don’t like most sauces and toppings.” – Shruti Sharma

Café Delhi Heights


If we asked a Delhiite to blurt out the first thing that comes to mind when we say “Delhi Heights,” they’ll probably say Juicy Lucy. They’ll also drool over your shoes. But you’d be salivating too if you were presented with an oh-so-tender lamb patty between two golden-brown well-done buns! Another fan favorite is the Open Chicken Burger in case you’re not up for depriving Mary of a pet.

“If I could die with a Juicy Lucy in my mouth, I’d be happy.” – Ridhima Juneja

Smoke House Deli

BACON! BACON! BACON! Chant that three times and maybe you’d be able to score a free Baconater from Smoke House Deli (make a video if you do try it). Just to make your day a little more frustrating, here’s the description – the char-grilled tenderloin patty of your wet dreams, cuddled up in layers of mouth-watering oak smoked bacon, drizzled over with the blissful baconaise and a dash of mustard to complete your vision of perfection.

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“Bro Baconater is the terminator of every other burger. I’d learn to cook to make that baconaise, I always order some extra on the side to go with fries– Anubhav Gupta 


A photo posted by Poornima Vardhan (@pvardhan) on Jan 13, 2016 at 9:41pm PST

Hear us out, if we are what we eat, then whoever eats the Peri Peri Bloody Red, has to be a grade-A hottie. This loaded as feck giant ensures that you’re incapable of movement, drooling like a dog, and so completely satisfied. The burger comes with *deep breath*a chicken fillet patty, peri mayo, pickled cucumber, salsa, thousand island, jalapenos, lettuce and last but not least tomato. Now try saying that three times in a row.

A photo posted by Delhi Bhukkad (@delhibhukkad) on Jun 26, 2015 at 9:04pm PDT

“I was worried about how their colourful burgers would taste, but now I’m an addict. Visit this place about once a week! The cocktails with the foamy molecular things are pretty exciting too!” – Lavanya Bhagat

Burger Singh

#burgersingh Balleballe

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Rajma burger? Bihari Ghosht burger?  Masala Fries? This sounds like a surreal dream you have when you want Ma Ke Haath Ka Khana and some fast-food comfort! This indie chain has won over the Indian-food Lovers and the Fast-food Lovers in one fell swoop with its huge hearty burgers which fill you to the brim and leave you wanting more. Fans particularly recommend the Bihari Gosht Burger and the United States of Punjab burger.

“Ordered a Nani Rajma Burger and Nani Yaad Aagayi!” – Shardha Jain

The Burger Club

This New Zealand based chain has opened 2 outlets in Delhi so far and has happily claimed the hearts of almost every vegetarian in the capital. Why? Simply because it goes beyond average veggie options and offers an equal amount of choice between non-veg and veg. Between the freshly made ingredients to the cheesy fries, this burger joint is all about satisfaction!

A photo posted by Hmm! (@lifeathmm) on Nov 18, 2015 at 3:31am PST

“One of the best burger joints ever, it makes me feel happy about living close to it.” – Aradhana Manchanda

And you thought Delhi was only good for Dal Makhani!

Yoga Bar Review


The most atrocious piece of gooey junk to enter my mouth. I normally love granolas and healthy snack bars but this is torture not health. The best part is, the torture is not even worth it as it has 146 calories and 25.3gms of carbs!
You know what else has 146 calories? 1/2 cup of chocolate ice-cream!

With a dietary fiber of 3.9gms and protein of 4.4gms they’re not helping people reach their daily nutritional requirements either. I’d also like to add that it has no other nutritional benefit whatsoever. The highest concentration is of carbs and sugars (approx 10%) if your daily nutrition deficiency is sugar, I’d still suggest the chocolate ice-cream. Much tasty no eww.

Upcycle Biker Style

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My good friend Ritvik Balgi recently helped organize an event called Biker’s Night Out, full of bikes (duh), games and camping. I however was more interested in the forks he made for the event, rather than the event itself.

These nifty little creations are surely any self-respecting biker’s dream cutlery. Using gear-shifts which I am told is the most important part of a bike, the decidedly wacky lad soldered on cutlery to them before adding a finishing to the piece. That’s right, every single piece was made by hand to be used by a handful of people and for one night only.
I think I can be forgiven for letting the flies into my mouth because this level of dedication to an event baffled me, but I was in for another surprise when he revealed he’d been doing such upcycling projects with a number of different bike parts and giving them away to friends.


“I don’t do them much now, since I don’t have the time between my studies and work.” he clarifies hurriedly upon catching the Freebie-Glint in my eye, “But I had done a lot earlier, a table made of rims, coffee tables from tyres… they were all gifts for biker friends.” he continues, invoking in me a sudden desire to join the biking world.

But that can wait. For now I’m happy with a souveneir of the Biker’s Night Out event and a new bauble to impress unsuspecting visitors with. A statement that doesn’t impress Balgi as he tries to convince me to try upcycling. According to him anything is possible, with some junked parts from the local mechanic, an imagination and a soldering iron. Even for a upcycling and biking neophyte like me.

We part ways with his last piece of advice for new upcyclers like me, “Choose elements that soothe your soul and plunge in.”