Best Friend

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If you have a best friend then you have someone who wants you to be present for things and at things.

If you’re your own best friend, you have the confidence to go for things without needing another’s company.

If you have a best friend you know they’re always going to be there for you.

If you’re your own best friend you know you can always get through anything.

If you have a bestie you have someone to talk you out of bad decisions.

If you’re your own bestie then you have the will to decisions despite the consequences.

If you have a bff you have someone who loves your companionship and vice versa.

If you are your own bff you love the companionship of solitude.

If you have neither, then you’re fucked like me.



Remembering Om Puri

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A part and parcel of so many childhoods

Om Puri, whenever I saw him on-screen was the quintessential Indian dad, thoda gruff, thoda sweet but full on no-nonsense at the same time. It saddens me how his death isn’t a huge deal in the lives of people my age, for me he was a part and parcel of my childhood. His benign presence with that bulbous nose ensured that a movie was something worth it. He wasn’t someone who stole the show, but rather someone you notice wasn’t there, a blended presence that was the garnishing that finished the dish.

Cleaning is the best therapy!

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Cleaning your closet or your home or even just an office drawer is a superb therapeutic experience. It helps you to organise thoughts and gives you a fresh perspective on things. Psychologists believe it’s because as you clean the junk around you physically, you have a tendency to work through the ‘junk’ in your mind as well. Recognise that there is a difference between clean and messy! A messy person may have his/her stuff all over the place but the stuff and they themselves need not be dirty or unclean. Several studies have shown that people who follow good hygiene and have clean surroundings are more focused and clear minded at work or study as well!
So what you waiting for? Start a new week with a clean head!

The Problem With Librans 

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​That’s the issue with Librans. We give our hearts up too easily and thus they end up chipping too quickly. I’m not saying heartbroken because these everyday and minor heartaches don’t match up to the ultimate heartbreak. However that does not mean they’re not keenly felt or that they do not leave invisible marks on us. 

We’re too optimistic, too hopeful, too romantic; thinking that this one would be our match. That this one would bring us into balance, even if all the signs are there warning us off. 

So what can we do? We can either believe that love is dead and rebuff all attempts to show us otherwise or we can feviquik the chips, sandpaper the edges and use this as lesson, hatd learnt, and look forward to finding our balance-keeper. 

Once it stops hurting that is. 

Happy Hammock Day!

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In honor of this day celebrating the most comfortable and horrible-to-get-out-of invention, here are my picks for 5 different DIY hammocks!

I have to admit, its been a dream of mine to have a hammock in the balcony of the house. But I could never figure out just how to do it, without the trees! I really wish I had found these then, instead of now, when my balcony resembles a shoe rack. 😦

Do share your completed hammock DIYs in the comments so that I can live vicariously!


1.Kitten Hammock

To get complete instructions click here


2.Pallet Hammock-Bed

To get complete instructions click here



To get complete instructions click here


4.Chair Hammock

hammock chair.jpg
To get complete instructions click here


5.Crochet Hammock

To get complete instructions click here


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Did you hear about the man who fell into his reflection?

He was haunted by his visage long ‘ere past

The lights stayed bright, refused to dim

The symphony of stares ne’er abated

Keeping up the facade became him

The one in the mirror was everything he said

The distortion was complete

Tell me, did you hear about the man who fell into his own creation?