The Morning Battle

It was a morning just like any other, we awoke grumpily and cursed the sun and the world in general. Little did we know that today we’d fighting for our sanity, nay, the sanity of entire mankind in just a short while.
The start when it came was explosive, a searing scream resounded from the bathing room and as I rushed towards it, my roommate, the origin of the scream, came barrelling out. Too traumatized to speak she pointed wordlessly at the floor inside.
I gathered my courage and looked, only to have my soul filled with a horror that has no balm. I wrenched myself away from the sight and moved us away from that grisly sight. Our tormentor, our worst nightmare, just lay there silently challenging us with its sightless eyes and gleaming body. Wings half unfurled, it was poised to deliver the blow that would render us mute shadows of ourselves.
We knew we had to act fast and we alone would not win against this foe. While she engaged it in a defensive maneuver to capture the beast, I ran to fetch reinforcements. Alas! The cavalry was delayed by evil fate and was not there.We grew more desperate as time went by, the creature eluded us easily mocking our best efforts. Faced by the grim reality of the ticking clock and all that hung in the balance we made a decision, foolhardy and brave, to launch an offensive.

We charged with what little we had our disposal and I’d like to think that we were able to crush some of that monster’s confidence but who knows. It still managed to swerve and save itself, all the while looking for a chance to attack. And a chance it got, when we drew too close and missed administering what would have been a killing blow. The creature struck in that instant and only by the grace of some instinctual reflex to survive I avoided it but not completely as the blow glanced across my arm and filled me with the threat of the horror the monster was capable of arousing in living beings.
At that moment when all looked bleak and it seemed that all would be lost for all, we heard the sweet sound of the approaching reinforcements. We retreated to meet him and guide him to the creature but when we arrived with the promise of victory in our hearts, we found the battlefield deserted. We looked high and low but it was as if the creature had never been there, the marks of battle were all that remained to show that indeed the creature was there.
Perhaps we did injure it more than first assumed in our desperate charge, maybe it learnt about the might of the reinforcements, perhaps it was something else entirely. All we knew was that the battle was over for now and we could release our shuddering breath and let the relief sweep over us.
We could return to life as it was before but in our hearts we knew the shadow of the creature would haunt our mornings and we’d be half expecting it to return another morning another day, for years to come.


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